Pros and Cons

Knowing the pros and cons of the breed is crucial before deciding to get your AKK puppy. Here are the major breed characteristics:


  • Loyal- They stick by your side, through thick and thin. Just don’t go testing them by releasing them into the wild.
  • Intelligent- Smart as can be, as long as you can communicate and train. (Kiwi was taught to sit in one day, and 90% potty trained in a week!)
  • Affectionate- Some breeds, namely Shiba Inus, generally prefer your presence over being pet. Klee kais love cuddling, petting, lapping, and everything in between.
  • Gorgeous- Be prepared to be swarmed by fans and bystanders! You’ll have one of the best looking dogs on the planet.
  • Vocal- You can interact with your klee kai like no other pet! As a breed, they love to talk, talk, talk.


  • High to extreme separation anxiety- You are the leader of their pack, but sometimes they can love you too much. Instead of eating food, playing with toys, chewing at treats, etc., your klee kai may miss you so much his/her world stops when you leave.
  • Maybe too vocal- Combined with separation anxiety, AKKs can be extremely whiny when you’re gone.  Be cautious if you live in apartments or dwellings with other neighbors.
  • Shedding- As with an long-fur friend, AKKs shed consistently. They also have two major blow-outs in the year, where they lose all of their fur. Daily brushing will help minimize shedding.

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