How much does an Alaskan Klee Kai cost?

They can cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000. On average, they cost around $2000.

I found someone selling an AKK online for less than $1000. Can’t I buy from them?

Be careful with breeders that claim to be below $1000, for often times, these advertisements are scams. Do you research on the kennel and check to see if they are actually legitimate through avenues like a Facebook page, Youtube videos, previous owners, etc.

Why don’t breeders specify the price?

Alaskan Klee Kai features that are ideal for shows are priced higher, while less ideal features are priced lower. Breeders generally want to evaluate interest before they completely set a price. Email your breeder to find out the average price point.

What features are ideal?

Ideal features include a solid nose bar, a distinct mask, symmetric patterns, and eye goggles, among others.

What size will the AKK grow into?

There are 3 sizes: toy (<10 lbs), miniature (10-15 lbs), and standard (>15 lbs). Ask your breeder which size they think your pup will be. Remember that estimations are never completely accurate.

How many pups are generally in a litter?

Each liter is relatively small, ranging from 2 pups to 5.


  1. i like kiwi so much i want to make my dog a star im telling u because i didnt want make u fell
    like im copying

  2. if she does plz sell me a puppy plz not t high price

  3. How much did Violet want for Kiwi

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