About the Breed

The Alaskan Klee Kai is an amazing breed of dog, with a similar look to the Siberian Husky and often referred to as the mini-husky. Discovered by Linda Spurlin in the 1970s, the AKK comes in three sizes. According to the AKK Association of America, the standard measurements for the breed are as follows:

Height: Up to and including 13 inches.
Estimate weight: Up to and including 10 pounds.

Height: Over 13 inches and up to and including 15 inches.
Estimate weight: Over 10 pounds and up to and including 15 pounds.Height: Up to and including 13 inches.

Height: Over 15 inches up to and including 17 inches.
Estimate weight: Over 15 pounds and up to 25 pounds.

The Klee Kai comes in four colors: black and white, grey and white, white (rare), and red and white (even more rare). Their fur can be short or long. Eye colors range from brown, to blue, green, amber, and parti-eyed.


AKK’s are affectionate, loyal, curious, intelligent, active, and loving. They aim to please their owners and be around them. They are relatively attached, and some may develop separation anxiety when their owners’ leave.

Klee kais also tend to be very vocal. This doesn’t neccesarily mean barking, but rather talking.

Without proper socialization–or experience of new people, other dogs, or objects as a puppy– some klee kais can become reserved, fearful, or in the rarest cases, agressive. Therefore, socialization is extremely critical in the development of your klee kai!


Compared to other breeds, the AKK requires minimal grooming, for it rarely has odor or “doggy breath”. However, the AKK sheds an average amount, and blows their coats twice a year (i.e. the upper layer of fur sheds off all at once). A daily brush will help prevent constant shedding. And as with any other dog, the teeth, nails, and ears should be groomed regularly. The fur between paws also needs to be trimmed on occassion, for the long hair may cause debris and soot to be caught and cause pain to your klee kai.


AKK’s are active and need exercise. A daily walk will make your klee kai healthy and happy.


AKK’s are relatively new, but there are no significant health issues tied to the breed. They can live anywhere from 12-14 years. Some issues include: Juvenile Cataracts, Liver Disease, Extreme Shyness, Factor VII Deficiency- hemophilia, Pyometra, Luxating Patella, Cryptorchids, Cardiac Issues including PDA, Thyroid disease-including autoimmune thyroiditis.


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