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The 411

Breed: Alaskan Klee Kai.

Fur Color: Grey, white, and black.

Type: Very soft and furry! I much prefer this to shaggy or coarse fur. But of course, such flufflicious hair comes with shedding.

Eye Color: Brown.

Size: At almost 6 months, I’d guess she’s about 8 or 9 pounds. Kiwi doesn’t like to stay on the scale :[ She is pretty tall now, but still so light!

What’s your favorite thing about your dog? She is just one of the sweetest dogs around to everyone she meets. She loves all humans, dogs, and creatures, and always just wants to play. The only catch is when there are too many distractions, she doesn’t like to be pet.

What’s your least favorite thing? The whining and separation anxiety. I’m hoping she’ll grow out of soon, or I may have to get medication for her :/. She loves to howl non-stop at the top of her lungs when I am gone, and even when there are other people home, she misses me so much that she has to be in physical contact with the other person at all times.

Background:  I got Kiwi from Klee Kai Magic in Upland, CA. She was born with one other litter, but she had only one twin brother who’s grey and white. He’s such a cutie, and looks like Kiwi!

Boba; Kiwi's Brother

I had wanted a puppy for a long time. As soon as her breeder, Violet, sent me her pictures, I fell in love! For those of you that haven’t seen pictures, here they are:

Kiwi at 6 weeks

Her mama bear, Violet, actually drove Kiwi Downtown to drop her off. She was more perfect that I imagined when I saw her! She was this little ball of fluff. As soon as I took her in my arms, her tail was already wagging and she was trying to kiss. What a happy pup.

Where’s the mother? The mom is still with Violet in Upland, CA. Here’s a picture:

Pixie; Kiwie's Mom


Does she bite? Nope. She learned pretty fast that she can only bite her toys. Her biggest issue right now is the licking. I personally don’t want Kiwi to lick hands that much because you never know what that person could have been doing before or what could be on it (germs, chemicals, etc). I’m trying to get her out of that right now.

Does she jump on people? Yes :[ But she’s small enough so that its negligible.

Is she house-broken? Yup! The last time she had an accident was…..when she peed on my bed. But that was the last time! She was housebroken the first week on pee pads, with accidents here and there. Now, she has it down completely.

Does she bark? Not really. She has this really soft murmur bark under her breath when she hears someone knock at the door. But nothing loud or intolerable yet. Just the whining so far that has been a huuuge problem.

Fetch? She has got fetch down. Oh, except the part where she brings it for you by your feet. But other than that, she can run after it, bring it back somewhere near you, and chew on it herself! She does know to drop it though when you ask her to.

Does she play nicely with others? Yes, she loves playing other other dogs and puppies. Dog parks are her heaven. She never seems to run out of energy…

Has she ever humped your leg? Not mine, but she has humped our guest’s leg slightly when she was really young. I was worried that she was either a nympho. Or I thought she could be lesbian puppy. After research, I found that girls sometimes do that to express dominance, which makes sense since she had thought the guests maybe were intruding on her territory.

Any special tricks? She knows sit, down, crawl, say hi, roll over (sometimes she forgets, don’t know why), bang, high-five, paw, other paw, take it, leave it, stay, drop it, turn, touch, under… and I think that’s it.


Where’s her favorite place to sleep? She likes to sleep in my bed, but never right up next to me. Maybe it’s cause I move too much or it’s too hot. Whatever it is, I’m bitter.

Favorite food? Chicken or cheese. She goes ape for those.

Favorite toy? Anything and everything, but she really loves stringy toys.

Favorite place to run around? Dog park, of course!

Favorite owner? I am her world :] But she loves everyone else too.


Is your dog calm or hyper? She’s still a puppy, so she’s naturally active. But she’s calm most of the time, unless I just got home or new people are over.

Explorer or Couch Potato? Explorer. For all sorts of things that she shouldn’t eat…. dust, hair, fur balls, little papers, crumbs, you name it.

Does she learn quickly? Yes, really quickly. But she also forgets randomly… like roll over I’ve taught her 3 separate times now, and she remembers for only a day. I think she get’s too excited over cheese and can’t think straight.

Stubborn at all? So so stubborn. Don’t get me wrong, she comes when called and does tricks. But certain things, like whining or leash pulling.. she still hasn’t given in.

Does she like to swim? Haven’t tried yet!I probably should for socialization. But she hates baths as is, so probably not.

Is she a cuddler? Yes, but only when she wants to. I try to force her to cuddle with me, but I think she’s too hot and always tries to escape. BITTER.

Kiwi at 4 months

Kiwi at 5-6 months

Sun is too bright!*Squint*

So that’s Kiwi!


About Kiwi

Kiwi is a miniature Alaskan Klee Kai, sometimes known as a Mini-husky. She currently weights 7.2 pounds and is 16 weeks old. She loves cheese treats, doing fun tricks, meeting new people, and playing tug-of-war.

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