How to Soothe Puppy Teething

Kiwi has just started losing her teeth! She’s missing a bunch.


How to Relieve Puppy Teething

Teething can be an uncomfortable time for your puppy. Take these steps to prevent bad chewing habits and relieve your puppy of its pain!

  • Mouth massage– Try massaging your puppy for relief. Sit your puppy facing opposite to you and gently rub the top and bottom lining of your pup’s gums in a circular motion.
  • Removal of temptation–  Clean-up, organize, and remove temptation from reachable areas. Hint: tape-up cords and hide your shoes. This stops bad puppy chewing habits before they even start.
  • Edible chews- Providing edible chews is better than toys, simply because teething puppies love to ingest the toy that they’ve ripped apart. Things like carrots, ice cubes, rawhide, pork hide, bull pizzles, curly sticks, etc. all give your puppy the chewy goodness they need. Caution: If your pup is a gulper, i.e. loves to swallow without chewing, try to stay away from rawhide or pork hide, which can get caught in the intestinal process if not properly chewed.
  • Chew toys– Give your pup all kinds of chew toys for relief. No need to buy specifically toys designated for “puppy teething”, just whatever floats your pups boat! Tip: For added relief, try wetting and then freezing the toy. Your pup will love the soothing cool feel! Also works with dish towels.
  • Natural remedies- Rubbing frozen aloe vera on your puppy’s gums can numb the pain. Chamomile or relaxing treats can also help to relax your puppy before bed time.
  • Vet Solutions- With more extreme cases, vets can provide gel remedies, or more natural herb and salt solutions.

About Kiwi

Kiwi is a miniature Alaskan Klee Kai, sometimes known as a Mini-husky. She currently weights 7.2 pounds and is 16 weeks old. She loves cheese treats, doing fun tricks, meeting new people, and playing tug-of-war.

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  1. When did Kiwi start teething? We had to take Bowser to the Emergency Vet because we thought he ate something. Turns out he didn’t but the vet thought there were pieces of plastic in him. I suspect they could be teeth. He is 10wks

    • Kiwi started adult teething around 5 months. Puppies often swallow their teeth, though sometimes you’ll find a tooth here and there. At 10 weeks, Bowser could just be growing in his puppy teeth, and therefore his teeth are too small to interfere with his digestive system, even if swallowed. Were you able to get the plastic out of him? A lot of puppies will swallow toys, plastic, anything they can get their mouths on.

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